Patent Issued to Royal Caridea LLC. for Multi-phasic Integrated Super-Intensive Shrimp Production System

Royal Caridea, LLC, made a commitment to creating sustainable, environmentally responsible, healthy, high quality, and delicious shrimp in a vertical Multi-phasic Integrated Super-Intensive Shrimp Production System.

Information source: Royal Caridea / press release

After some years of dedicated work and research by a handful of people, lead by Maurice Kemp, Ph.D., and Anthony Brand. Royal Caridea LLC. has been awarded Certificate of Grant Standard Patent by the Commonwealth of Australia,with patent-pending in several other countries.

GEN 2, (Multi-phasic Integrated Super-Intensive Shrimp Production System) is a patent-pending step-change in shrimp production that is ready for commercialization. The system will allow us to raise 16 and 26-gram shrimp in <4 months.  Production plants operate continuously, producing over thirty-five hundred pounds of shrimp each day or 1.3 million pounds per year.

GEN 2 is designed to alleviate factors that have been impediments to land-based shrimp aquaculture. For example, water, land, energy, climate, and more. 

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