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A Fish Farming Social Enterprise Wants To Lead A ‘Blue Revolution’

A Fish Farming Social Enterprise Wants to Lead a ‘Blue Revolution’

Akshay Verma grew up in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, but went on to…

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Iowa Entrepreneurs Building 3.8-Acre Tilapia- Production Facility

Iowa entrepreneurs building 3.8-Acre tilapia- production facility

Nathan Katzer had a keen interest in fish from a young age, filling his room…

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Nebraska Soy Supports Global Seafood Production

Nebraska soy supports global seafood production

Nebraska Soybean Board members and staff saw firsthand how soy grown in Nebraska contributes to…

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Cargill Aqua Tech Centre Opened In AP

Cargill aqua tech centre opened in AP

After the launch of its first dedicated fish feed plant here in January, Cargill launched…

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Green Plains Aims To Patent Algae Process For Producing Fish Feed

Green Plains aims to patent algae process for producing fish feed

For Omaha-based ethanol producer Green Plains, a gamble made eight years ago on becoming a…

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Aquabyte Is Using Computer Vision And Machine Learning To Optimise Fish Farming

Aquabyte is using computer vision and machine learning to optimise fish farming

The firm uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to help fish farmers manage their…

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Chatham’s Aquaculture Lab Serves Up Lenten Feast, Lesson In Sustainability

Chatham's Aquaculture Lab serves up Lenten feast, lesson in sustainability

During Dr. Roy Weitzell's last fishing trip, he netted more than 60 rainbow trout. This…

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Ag And Science Students Develop Fish Farm

Ag and science students develop fish farm

Students at Hauser High School are getting hands-on experience in developing a fish farm. The…

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