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Salmon Beats: Out Of The Frying Pan…

Salmon beats: Out of the frying pan...

The Atlantic salmon has been battling its way upstream for thousands of years. However, it's…

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Short Course Focuses On Aquaculture Feed Production

Short course focuses on aquaculture feed production

Attendees will learn about designing new feed mills and selecting equipment during a one-week practical…

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World Aquaculture Produced 80 Million Tonnes Of Food Fish In 2016

World aquaculture produced 80 million tonnes of food fish in 2016

Great disparity remains among countries On 20 March 2018, FAO global aquaculture production quantity and…

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Closing The Loop On Sustainable Aquaculture

Closing the loop on sustainable aquaculture

On a farm just outside of Sacramento, hundreds of prehistoric-looking fish swim around in 50-foot…

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Mycotoxins In Southeast Asian Aquaculture: Plant-based Meals And Finished Feeds

Mycotoxins in Southeast Asian aquaculture: plant-based meals and finished feeds

The awareness of mycotoxin-related issues in aquaculture industry has grown as manufacturers and producers realise…

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Calysta Partners With Nofima For Trials To Promote Sustainable Seafood

Calysta Partners with Nofima for Trials to Promote Sustainable Seafood

Calysta, Inc. today announced a partnership with Nofima to conduct large-scale trials in Atlantic salmon…

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MPEDA Conducts Open Pond Culture Of Seabass For The First Time In India

MPEDA conducts open pond culture of seabass for the first time in India

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has successfully conducted open pond culture of Asian…

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DNREC’s Division Of Fish & Wildlife Announces That Shellfish Aquaculture Has Begun In Delaware’s Inland Bays

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife announces that shellfish aquaculture has begun in Delaware’s Inland Bays

When a new shellfish grower recently placed his first shipment of tiny oysters in growing…

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