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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery para WordPress


SnappArt, INVE Aquaculture and Aris’ revolutionary solution for ultra-precise quantification of artemia and rotifers

Fecha 09/22/23
Views 2 Views
Aquaculture Europe 2023, the event that took place in Vienna some days ago, was witness of the official launch of SnappArt, the game-changing solution for aquaculture hatcheries worldwide developed by the industry pioneers in aquaculture innovation, INVE Aquaculture and Aris. SnappArt is a revolutionary automated live food counting tool, is set to transform the way fish and shrimp growth is...


ABB teams with SalMar to capture real-time data to improve efficiency and operations at farmed salmon facilities

Fecha 09/22/23
Views 2 Views
ABB Ability EdgeInsight will collect data from operational equipment and devices at individual farms and distribute it securely to a cloud-based database The Swedish-Swiss technology leader in electrification and automation ABB has signed an agreement with SalMar to operate digital services at the remote-controlled Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF), facility located at sea off northern Norway. The partnership will see ABB...


Aqua Expo 2023 returns to Guayaquil with more than 10,000 expected visitors

Fecha 09/15/23
Views 14 Views
The Convention Center of Guayaquil, Ecuador, is already prepared to host a new edition of Aqua Expo, the event organized every year by the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CAN, for Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura) of the South American country. Guayaquil will receive more than 20 delegations from 30 countries between October 23 and 26. In terms of attendance, around 10,000...


The Scottish company Aquascot acquires the snacking brand Shore Seaweed

Fecha 09/15/23
Views 13 Views
The Scottish company Aquascot recently announced the successful acquisition of Shore Seaweed, who join the wider group as an integral part of their business’ future, they reported. Shore has been their sister company for many years, a highly regarded seaweed snacking brand has won many awards and an array of positive reviews for its delicious range of seaweed chips, pestos...


More than 20 producers take the first steps towards the creation of the Global Shrimp Council, which will promote the worldwide consumption of this species

Fecha 09/10/23
Views 27 Views
The Global Shrimp Forum (GSF), held just a few days ago in Utrecht (Netherlands), provided the framework for the meeting of a group of more than 20 producers who have come together with the intention of creating the Global Shrimp Council. The overall objective of the new agency will be to promote the growth of consumption of shrimp worldwide by...


INVE Aquaculture hires aquaculture industry veteran Thomas Raynaud as new Product Manager for Fish Diets

Fecha 09/08/23
Views 26 Views
The leading company in the industry, INVE Aquaculture, has announced the addition of Thomas Raynaud to their team as the new Product Manager for Fish Diets. With nearly two decades of experience in the aquaculture field, Raynaud brings a wealth of expertise spanning research, hatchery operations, strategic marketing, product management, and business development, they assured. He has started his new...


Almar Group chooses DSM-Firmenich to measure and improve its environmental footprint with its intelligent sustainability service Sustell

Fecha 09/08/23
Views 21 Views
Grupo Almar and DSM-Firmenich, the global leader in health, nutrition and beauty, announced a few days ago a multi-year commitment to measure and improve the environmental footprint of the world leader in shrimp production. The pact is to use Sustell, DSM-Firmenich’s smart sustainability service, throughout its shrimp production, as well as to access that company’s sustainability expertise and knowledge. “Through...


AKVA group launches world’s first recycled fish farming pen

Fecha 09/01/23
Views 30 Views
AKVA group has launched the world’s first fish farming pen made entirely from recycled plastic, developed for its experts over the past two years. The pen is manufactured using plastic from disused pens provided by Nova Sea and will undergo testing at Varpet, one of the locations of this company. This project, reported the company, is a natural continuation of...


GSA’s study shows almost a third of Chinese consumers recognize BAP label

Fecha 09/01/23
Views 28 Views
For the organization, this shows that having the label on seafood packaging can provide an advantage for producers in the marketplace. The Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) recently conducted a survey of about 3,400 consumers in China to better understand consumer purchasing decisions and the influence and awareness of the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) label. When they were asked if they...


Portuguese Pep4Fish project starts trials with hydrolyzed feeds with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

Fecha 08/25/23
Views 36 Views
The first trials of the Portuguese Pep4Fish project, which aims to explore innovative solutions to strengthen aquaculture fish production, are already underway. Three hydrolyzed feeds with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties were selected for the first trial with sea bass. The researchers are following the development of the animals to observe improvements in their health, growth and resistance to adverse conditions....


The Lostallo civic community approves further development of sustainable aquaculture by Swiss Lachs

Fecha 08/25/23
Views 31 Views
Swiss Lachs, a pioneer company in sustainable aquaculture has announced that have received the approval of the Civic Community of Lostallo, as it did almost 10 years ago, for using of a part of the industrial building land for the development of sustainable fish farming. With the approval of the community, Swiss Lachs an lay the next foundation stone to...


Japanese Mitsui invest USD 360 million in Ecuadorian Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, the world’s largest shrimp company

Fecha 08/18/23
Views 47 Views
Mitsui, with head office in Tokyo (Japan), decided some days ago to invest in the world’s largest shrimp farming company, Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila (IPSP), based in Ecuador, and already has concluded the related contracts. The acquisition price for the shares is USD 360 million. Following the process, the Ecuadorian company will become an equity method affiliate of Mitsui. The...