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Aquaculture Magazine was a pioneer magazine in the world´s aquaculture industry: it has been published since 1968 in Asheville, North Carolina, with audited distribution on the five continents.

Topics include fish farming, processing, breeding and raising aquatic species including tilapia, trout, salmon, shrimp, catfish, crayfish, oysters, hybrid striped bass and shellfish. Issues covered include pond management, diseases, market trends, farm stocking, recirculating systems, statistics, selling, nutrition, feed, seafood processing and more. The magazine focuses on the U.S.; Canada and other international aquaculture industries. In existence since 1968, Aquaculture Magazine has over 5,000 subscribers in over 100 countries.

Aquaculture Magazine has 6 regular issues plus the annual Products Issue and the Buyer´s Guide & Industry Directory available each year.

About Us


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