Xpand: Skretting’s gateway innovation to maximize shrimp farm performance and flexibility set to launch in Latin America

Extensive and successful local validation sees Skretting Latin America launch Xpand, the next generation of premium grower feed for shrimp. 

Information source: Skretting / press release

Without taking any shortcuts or unnecessary risks, feeding Xpand enables farmers to reduce the associated costs and impacts of farming in exposed water locations by harvesting earlier at the same size; or alternatively, they can produce larger shrimp within their usual production schedules.

“Whether it’s bigger, more valuable products, or it’s reducing the grow-out stage to get shrimp to market faster, Xpand is a game-changing solution for many of our customers in Vietnam. Now, farmers in Latin America are in a position to make the decisions that are best suited to their own unique operations,” said Lenaïg Richard Breivik, Marketing Manager for Shrimp at Skretting. 

Proactive performance 

Throughout the past three decades, the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) has conducted pioneering research into the functionality of the different nutrients in aquaculture feeds. With the knowledge generated, Skretting ARC set about developing a new diet tailored to the shrimp sector’s unique needs and economic circumstances. 

Xpand is the result of five years of R&D, incorporating the investigation and validation of many different ideas. Built upon a thorough understanding of the digestive physiology of shrimp, this development work focused on three pillars: 

  • Improved growth 
  • Improved nutrition 
  • Pond support 

Further information at: https://www.skretting.com/en/

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