Trade relations between Turkey and China continue to be developed

With a new Chinese aquatic products export protocol in place, Turkey’s Ambassador to Beijing Abdulkadir Emin Onen said that a potential $ 250 million market has been opened for Turkish aquaculture producers.  

China’s General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was in Ankara in early September. During the visit, a protocol was signed aimed at boosting the export of fishery products from Turkey to China such as rainbow trout, river trout, tuna, and bluefin tuna. According to officials, the protocol is valid for 5 years from the date of signing.

Onen said in a statement on the subject that in the past year Turkey’s exports of aquaculture products were worth 80 million dollars, while China’s imports were some 250 million dollars. “So the door was opened to a potential $250 million market for Turkish producers” he added. Onen cited the initiative of cherry and pistachio exports from Turkey to China earlier this year, followed by poultry exports, fishery products and milk and said the government continues its efforts to begin exports of citrus products.

Written by: Aquaculture Magazine Staff

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