Irish based aquaculture feed company to re brand as PTAqua.

Pacific Trading Aquaculture has announced that from December 1st 2017 they will be changing their company name to a shortened version of the current name and re branding as PT Aqua.

There are no structural or physical changes to the company’s activities or products other than the new rebranded name. Head offices will remain in Ireland with operational hubs in Norway, Germany and Greece.

Having traded as Pacific Trading Aquaculture for nearly a decade, it was decided that as the company continues to expand into new territories and emerging markets, that a shortened and more recognisable brand name would be in keeping with their tremendous growth and evolving business model. Having previously traded in marine hatchery nutritional products from select high quality manufacturers around the world, PT Aqua has this year additionally begun producing their own range of species specific larval feeds in the EU.

These feeds have received widespread success specifically in the cleaner fish production sector in north west Europe and PT Aqua are now looking at replicating this success in the development of species specific feeds for other international markets.

The development and manufacture of these feeds is done in close cooperation with Coppens International ( an Alltech company ) who manufacture PT Aqua’s range of feeds in Germany under licence agreement to them. The combination of the R&D and years of experience from Coppens International and Alltech, coupled with PT Aqua’s extensive market penetration and close understanding of established and developing markets is one of our strengths which we will continue to develop.

Our high quality products and our ability to adapt quickly with the ever changing requirements of the aquaculture industry are some other examples of our key strengths and we look forward to the next decade of strong growth and performance.

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