Indoor shrimp startup to buy waste heat from Maine power plant

A New York state-based company that used a former mattress factory to launch an indoor shrimp aquaculture operation has agreed to buy waste heat from an eco-friendly Maine power plant, the Portland Press Herald reports.

Kimberly Samaha, the CEO of Born Global, reportedly told the newspaper that she and her husband, Fahim, have a deal with Eco Shrimp Garden, in Newburgh, New York, in relation to their wood-fired power plant in West Enfield, Maine, that will allow Eco to heat tanks up to 85 degrees.

Eco started in 2015 with 24 indoor saltwater tanks as well as four nurseries filled with Pacific White Shrimp postlarvae from Texas and Hawaii, according to an article on its website. It had its first harvest in September.

Meanwhile, Born Global has been looking to help Maine develop a bio-based economy. Fahim Samaha is also the chief executive of French-based Capergy US LLC, a partner in Stored Solar, and a principal in the Katahdin (Maine) Shrimp Farm, according to the newspaper.

The couple, which has spent $17 million of their own money to refurbish two wood-fired power plants, has taken issue with reports that it owes $500,000 to wood suppliers and contractors. They say most of those suppliers have now been paid and remaining balances will be settled in the next few weeks.


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