Italian canned tuna producer ASDOMAR among top Italian firms in sustainability and transparency

ASDOMAR, the canned tuna brand produced by Italian firm Generale Conserve, confirms its commitment to sustainability with Friend of the Sea certification

Information source: Friend of the Sea Press Release

Italian cannery Generale Conserve, which owns the ASDOMAR brand, is recognized by Italian consumers for its commitment to social responsibility and awareness to the environment.

Following a consumer survey conducted by the CONSUMERLAB study center, ASDOMAR’s sustainability policy was assessed as clear and effective, as it was sensitive to the common good, attentive to the general interest and to social cohesion, the company announced.

CONSUMERLAB has published a list of companies that meet consumers’ expectations in terms of sustainability and transparency. ASDOMAR was one of the forty companies selected out of over 500 analyzed by CONSUMERLAB to produce the Index.

Economic, environmental and social reporting of the group are among the 40 clearest and most effective according to consumers, the report showed.

was born to highlight the most clear and effective sustainability reports for consumers, indicating a management that “respects the future”.

Sustainability has always been a key element in Generale Conserve’s development strategy, according to the firm.

Generale Conserve, continues its path towards the development of a sustainable value chain, care for the territory, enhancement of local excellence and ever-increasing attention to consumer needs,” said a company’s spokesperson.

For over ten years, together with several consumer associations, MARKONEThas been examining the rights of companies in the markets in general and of consumers in particular. 

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