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Archetypes of aquaculture development across 150 countries

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Aquaculture is expanding and intensifying globally, with implications for environmental, livelihood, food security and nutrition impacts. Here we present an integration of 45 country-level indicators to examine the social, economic, governance and environmental conditions shaping aquaculture development across 150 countries and four identified archetypes of aquaculture through cluster analysis. Understanding the social, economic, environmental and governance factors guiding current aquaculture...


Total ammonia nitrogen removal and microbial community dynamics in an outdoor HDPE-lined shrimp pond with no water discharge

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Accumulations of ammonia and nitrite are commonly observed in outdoor lined ponds, and elevated concentrations of these compounds during shrimp culture in a zero-water exchange system can cause shrimp mortality. Here are presented findings that enable estimations of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) removal and oxygen net primary production (NPP) rates in an outdoor lined shrimp pond. Outdoor aquaculture systems play...


The exciting future of aquaculture

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By: Ph.D Stephen G. Newman* Predicting the future is typically laden with risk. There are however a few safe bets. Perhaps the safest prediction is that the output of high quality protein from the global aquaculture industry will continue to increase over the next several decades. There are few who would argue that the production of high-quality proteins and fats...


Are Some Production Systems More Profitable than Others?

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By: Carole R. Engle, Ganesh Kumar, and Jonathan van Senten* Finfish aquaculture is complex and diverse, including many species and strains of fish raised in a wide variety of production systems. Technologies used to raise fish also continue to evolve into increasingly sophisticated forms. One seemingly ever-present question is that of which production systems and species are the most profitable....


Shrimp Darwin Style.

Rough ride ahead

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By: The Fishmonger* Heading into the second part of the year, the pathway forward for seafood and other protein players through the entire supply chain is going to be one of continued challenges. Heading into the second part of the year, the pathway forward for seafood and other protein players through the entire supply chain is going to be one...


“Technification” and its role in intensification

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By: Ph.D. Stephen G. Newman* Many ask why Ecuador is able to produce so much shrimp and why are they able to produce them so inexpensively? While questions of this nature rarely have a single simple explanation, it is more than likely that most of them are the result of the adoption of technology. Some are using the term technification...