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The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets

Enhancing Aquaculture: The Influence of Empyreal® 75 on Industry Diets

Cargill Empyreal75

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By Aquaculture Magazine Editorial Team

In the evolving landscape of aquaculture, the quest for more sustainable and efficient feed solutions is paramount. Empyreal® 75, a high-purity protein concentrate developed by Cargill® , stands at the forefront of this revolution. This innovative product not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fish meals but also enhances the nutritional efficiency of aquaculture diets. This article delves into the origins, functionality, and profound impacts of Empyreal® 75 based on extensive field research and feedback from industry insiders.

What is Empyreal® 75 and Its Origin? Empyreal® 75 is a groundbreaking feed ingredient produced by Cargill®, designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. As a highpurity, plant-based protein concentrate derived from corn, Empyreal® 75 represents a significant advancement in feed technology. The product was developed in response to the increasing demand for sustainable and efficient protein sources within the aquaculture sector.

The journey of Empyreal® 75 began with Cargill®’s vision to create a versatile protein that could reduce the industry’s reliance on traditional and often unsustainable sources like fish meal. By leveraging their expertise in agricultural science and nutritional formulation, Cargill® crafted a product that not only addresses these sustainability concerns but also meets the high standards of feed efficiency required in modern aquaculture practices.

Empyreal® 75 quickly gained recognition for its unique properties, including a protein content that consistently exceeds 75%, making it an ideal choice for inclusion in a variety of aquaculture diets. Its development was driven by the need to provide a renewable protein source that supports the health and growth of aquatic species while also contributing to a more environmentally friendly approach to feed production.

The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets


Innovative Features for Enhanced Nutrition

Empyreal® 75 is engineered to optimize the aquaculture diet, allowing more space for creative formulations. Its superior protein concentration and nutrient density reduce the need for other protein sources, thereby lowering costs and enhancing feed quality. Key benefits of using Empyreal® 75 include:

» Better Extrusion and Kibble Integrity: Ensures that the feed maintains its shape and nutrition when submerged, reducing waste.

» Superior Binding and Coating: Enhances the durability and appeal of the feed.

» High Digestibility: Animals require less feed for more significant weight gain, optimizing growth cycles and improving farm productivity.

» Empowering Feed Producers with Flexibility and Freedom: Empyreal® 75’s formulation freedom lets feed producers innovate without constraints, delivering high-value products that meet the diverse needs of aquaculture operations. It supports the development of feeds that are not only cost-effective but environmentally beneficial, contributing to a smaller ecological footprint.

» Ensuring Sustainability and Profitability: The natural, plant-based nature of Empyreal® 75 aligns with the global push towards sustainable aquaculture practices. It is produced in Cargill®’s state-of-the-art wetcorn milling facilities under strict quality standards, ensuring a reliable and consistent product. Additionally, Empyreal® 75 supports the health and growth of aquatic animals with its low ash content and high energy availability, further underpinning its role in sustainable farming practices.

» Certifications and Global Reach: Empyreal® 75 is not just a product but a promise—certified Halal and Kosher, and compliant with FSSC 22000 and FSMA standards. Available globally, it is distributed across multiple continents, including North America, South America, Asia, and Africa, ensuring a dependable supply chain for aquafeed manufacturers worldwide.

» Strategic Customer Support: Cargill® provides unparalleled support to its customers, offering dedicated services such as rail and truck transport within North America, and varied export transportation options worldwide. A professional customer service team ensures that every interaction adds value, helping customers maximize the benefits of Empyreal® 75 in their feed formulations.

Functional Benefits in Aquaculture Diets

Empyreal® 75 has redefined the role of protein in aquaculture feeds by providing a high-purity, plant-based option that not only sustains but enhances the dietary regimes of aquatic species. Here, we explore how this ingredient optimizes and potentially replaces other components within aquaculture diets.

» Optimizing Feed Formulas: Empyreal® 75 allows for greater flexibility in feed formulation. Its high protein content and excellent amino acid profile make it an effective substitute for more traditional protein sources like fish meal, which are often more costly and less sustainable. By integrating Empyreal® 75, feed producers can create diets that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, reducing the overall ecological footprint of their operations.

» Enhancing Nutritional Efficiency: One of the standout features of Empyreal® 75 is its ability to make diets more efficient. Animals fed with diets incorporating Empyreal® 75 exhibit faster growth rates and better feed conversion ratios.

This means that they require less feed to gain weight, which is a direct benefit in reducing the costs associated with feeding and maintaining aquaculture systems. Furthermore, Empyreal® 75’s low ash content and high digestibility contribute to better overall health and reduced waste outputs, which are crucial for maintaining the quality of water in aquaculture systems.

» Sustaining Aquatic Health: The inclusion of Empyreal® 75 in aquaculture diets supports the overall health of aquatic species by providing essential nutrients and functional benefits.. For instance, its uniform cell structure helps in maintaining the integrity of feed pellets in water, ensuring that the feed remains palatable and nutritious even when submerged.

This characteristic is particularly important in reducing the leaching of nutrients into the water, thus
maintaining the nutritional quality of the feed over extended periods.

Field Results and Impact on Aquaculture Farms

The practical application of Empyreal® 75 in aquaculture has shown promising results across various farming operations globally. This section reviews the tangible impacts observed in field trials and everyday farm use, underscoring the product’s effectiveness and the benefits it brings to aquaculture producers.

Empyreal® 75 has been instrumental in enhancing growth rates in species such as salmon, trout, tilapia, and shrimp. Field studies have demonstrated that diets incorporating Empyreal® 75 lead to faster weight gain in these species, thanks to its high digestibility and efficient nutrient uptake.

Commercial trials have demonstrated that Empyreal® 75 can replace traditional animal and vegetable protein without affecting growth performance, and in some cases, it can even improve it. Additionally, this diet can lead to cost savings and better physical characteristics. Below are some of the latest trials conducted on salmon, tilapia, and shrimp (Tables 1, 2 and 3).

The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets

The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets

Analysis of Empyreal® 75’s Impact on Aquaculture by Species

Empyreal® 75, a corn protein concentrate, has been evaluated across multiple aquaculture species with varying results, offering a sustainable alternative to fishmeal. Here’s a breakdown and conclusion based on trials conducted on different species:

1.Red Tilapia

» Trial Location: Nong Lam University, Vietnam (2017).

» Findings: The use of Empyreal® 75 in red tilapia diets showed promising results, with total gains slightly higher in diets containing 2.4% Empyreal® 75 compared to the reference diet. Notably, the feed conversion ratio (FCR) was better with Empyreal® 75 inclusion, decreasing feed costs and enhancing return on investment without impacting the quality of the fish skin or fillet.

2.Atlantic Salmon

» Trial Location: Fundación Chile, Quillaipe Experimental Station (2015).

» Findings: Atlantic salmon diets including 10% and 20% Empyreal® 75 yielded equal or superior performance compared to reference diets.

The FCR was notably improved in the 10% inclusion diet, demonstrating that Empyreal® 75 could enhance growth efficiency while maintaining 100% survival rates.


» Trial Location: Inprosa, Ecuador (2014).

» Findings: In shrimp production, diets including 11% Empyreal®75 improved FCR significantly, reducing production costs per kilogram and increasing ROI by 16% versus the reference diet.

4.Juvenile Yellowtail

» Trial Location: Kochi University, Japan (2018).

» Findings: The inclusion of 7.5% Empyreal® 75 dramatically improved performance, showing better growth and feed efficiency compared to higher inclusion rates and the reference diet. Optimal economic benefits were observed at this inclusion level.

5.Olive Flounder

» Trial Location: JuJu University, South Korea (2016).

» Findings: Diets incorporating Empyreal® 75 at 50% of crude protein (CP) allowed for a significant reduction in fishmeal use while maintaining performance levels comparable to traditional diets. Cost savings were also significant, showcasing Empyreal® 75’s ability to reduce operational costs.

Across various aquaculture species, Empyreal® 75 has demonstrated considerable benefits in improving feed efficiency, growth rates, and overall economic viability:

» Feed Efficiency and Growth: Empyreal® 75 consistently improved FCR across species, indicating that less feed is required for the same or enhanced growth.

» Economic Impact: Reduction in feed costs and increased ROI were common benefits, making Empyreal® 75 a cost-effective alternative to traditional fishmealbased diets.

» Sustainability: By reducing reliance on fishmeal, Empyreal® 75 supports more sustainable aquaculture practices, crucial in today’s environmentally conscious market.

Empyreal® 75’s versatility and efficacy make it an excellent choice for aquafeed producers aiming to optimize their feeds while adhering to sustainability standards. The consistent performance across different species underlines its potential as a universal feed ingredient in diverse aquacultural applications.

Feedback from Feed Producers and Aquaculture Farmers

The adoption of Empyreal® 75 in the aquaculture industry has sparked a range of positive feedback from both feed producers and aquaculture farmers. This section explores their opinions and experiences, providing a comprehensive view of how Empyreal® 75 is regarded across different stakeholders.

Insights from Feed Producers

Feed producers who have incorporated Empyreal® 75 into their products consistently report improvements in feed quality and manufacturing processes. They highlight the superior binding and extrusion properties of Empyreal® 75, which enhance the structural integrity of feed pellets. This improvement is crucial in maintaining the nutritional content during the physical demands of handling and submersion in water.

Moreover, producers appreciate the flexibility that Empyreal® 75 offers in feed formulation. Its high protein content and essential amino acids allow for more varied and cost-effective dietary solutions without compromising on nutritional value. This adaptability is particularly valued in an industry where dietary needs can vary significantly across different species and farming conditions.

The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets

Opinions from Aquaculture Farmers

Aquaculture farmers have noted marked improvements in the health and growth rates of their stocks since integrating Empyreal® 75 into their feeding regimes. Many report that their fish and shrimp achieve market size quicker and with less feed than before, which directly impacts farm profitability.

The consistent feedback points to a decrease in the overall feed conversion ratio, meaning that each unit of Empyreal® 75 feed produces more biomass than conventional feeds. This efficiency is a major factor in its widespread endorsement by the farming community.

Additionally, the environmental benefits of using a sustainable, plant-based protein like Empyreal® 75 resonate well with farmers committed to sustainable aquaculture practices. The reduced environmental footprint associated with Empyreal® 75 aligns with the growing global demand for more responsible farming practices.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

The positive reception of Empyreal® 75 is also reflected in various industry awards and recognitions it has received, underscoring its impact on the aquaculture sector.

Looking ahead, both feed producers and farmers express a strong interest in continuing to explore the potential of Empyreal® 75, indicating a bright future for its use in aquaculture.

Case Studies and Testimonials

To further underscore the effectiveness of Empyreal® 75, several case studies and testimonials from aquaculture operations around the world highlight the practical benefits and real-world experiences with this innovative feed ingredient.

Case Study: Salmon Farming in Canada and Chile

Cooke Aquaculture, the largest seafood company in North America, has significantly improved their salmon production by using Empyreal® 75. This product has allowed them to reduce their dependence on marine proteins, using fewer fish to produce high-quality Atlantic salmon. This not only meets market demands for freshness — delivering products within 48 hours of harvest— but also aligns with sustainability values important to prominent chefs like Rick Moonen.

Empyreal® 75 supports Cooke Aquaculture’s integrated operations from feed production to final processing, enhancing their commitment to sustainable, healthy seafood.

Testimonial from a Shrimp Producer in Ecuador

A prominent shrimp producer in Ecuador shared their experience with Empyreal® 75, stating, “Since switching to Empyreal® 75, we’ve noticed not only faster growth but also better overall health in our shrimp stocks. The water stability of the feed has drastically reduced waste and improved the efficiency of our feeding practices.”

This feedback echoes the sentiments of many other producers in regions where aquaculture is a critical part of the local economy.

Broader Industry Implications

These examples reflect a broader trend within the aquaculture industry towards more sustainable and efficient practices. Empyreal® 75 is at the forefront of this shift, offering a solution that benefits both the producer and the environment.

The positive feedback from these case studies is supported by data from multiple farms and research reports that consistently demonstrate the advantages of incorporating Empyreal® 75 into aquaculture diets.


Empyreal® 75 has proven to be a transformative ingredient in the aquaculture industry. Its development by Cargill® has addressed critical needs for sustainability and efficiency in aquaculture feed production. The field results and feedback from industry professionals highlight its effectiveness in improving growth rates, reducing feed costs, and supporting sustainable farming practices.

As the aquaculture industry continues to evolve, Empyreal® 75 stands out as a key component in the drive towards more sustainable and economically viable aquaculture operations.

The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets

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The Influence of Empyreal ® 75 on Industry Diets


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