Blue Food Innovation Summit

Blue Food Innovation Summit.
Investing in sustainable aquaculture to replenish our oceans

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In 2023, the Blue Food Innovation Summit returns to London to delve deeper into the fast-developing landscape of aquaculture and ocean health. With our food system increasingly under stress from conflict and climate change, the summit aims to put blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices at the heart of the global conversation.

Taking place on May 23-24, the summit brings together ground-breaking companies from around the globe to discuss forward-thinking approaches to aquatic food production, including sustainable aquafeed, seaweed, fish health and welfare, and digital platforms for smallholder farmers.

By showcasing disruptive technologies, and exploring case studies of innovation in action, the focus is on overcoming bottlenecks to growth and promoting greater partnership and collaboration to protect and restore the ocean ecosystem.

Blue Food Innovation Summit

From producers, feed suppliers and health providers to retailers, investors and innovators, the summit provides stakeholders from across the value chain with a vital platform for knowledge exchange and networking through interactive panels, breakout discussions, and quality 1-1 meetings.

2023 discussions will focus on:

  • Ocean Data: Scaling Solutions in Restorative and Sustainable Ocean Management
  • Empowering Small-Scale Farmers: Accessing Digital Platforms, Finance and Certification
  • A Restorative Deep Dive: Optimising Regeneration and Production in Restorative Ventures
  • Aquatic Health and Welfare: Enhancing Disease Prevention, Genetics and Harvesting
  • Expanding the Horizon for RAS: Fortifying Success Through Innovation in AI and Data
  • Blue Investment: Putting VC, ESG, and Growth Capital to Work in Today’s Financial Climate
  • Sustainable Aquafeed: Utilizing Novel and Responsibly Sourced Marine Ingredients
  • Accelerating the Seaweed Revolution: Driving Innovation Across the Supply Chain
  • Unlocking Blue Carbon: Carbon Neutrality and Deep Blue Carbon Regeneration

Blue Food Innovation Summit

“The Summit provided a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting frontiers that AqC is pushing against and overcoming. It served as both an opportunity to meet those interested in funding new initiatives and those interested in collaborating in new tech ventures. It was a fantastic achievement for the inaugural Summit and harbours well for the future.”

“It was encouraging to see so many industry leaders from the aquaculture sector coming together to focus on the key challenges of our times. I can see a clear progression in approaching climate change, carbon emissions, environmental impact as well as fish health and welfare.”

Notable Speakers Include:

  • Amy Novogratz– Managing Partner, AQUA-SPARK 
  • Jennifer Bushman– CMO, KVAROY ARCTIC 
  • Ohad Maiman– Founder and CEO, THE KINGFISH COMPANY 
  • Jorge Diaz– Head of Sustainability, SKRETTING 
  • Laurent Develle– EVP Group General Counsel and Head of Corporate Affairs, REGAL SPRINGS 
  • Briana Warner– CEO, ATLANTIC SEA FARMS 
  • Liris Maduningtyas– CEO, JALA TECH 
  • Thor Talseth– Group Chief Executive Officer, AVRAMAR 
  • Christian Lim- Managing Director, SWEN CAPITAL PARTNERS 
  • Melanie Siggs – Director of Strategic Engagements, GLOBAL SEAFOOD ALLIANCE 
  • Nathan Pyne-Carter– CEO, ACE AQUATECH  
  • Robert Jones– Global Lead Aquaculture, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY 
  • Benjamin Weis– Aquaculture Manager, TESCO 
  • Markus Müller– Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer ESG & Global Head of Chief Investment Office Private Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK 
  • Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda– Founder and CEO, URCHINOMICS 
  • Chris Gorell Barnes– Founding Partner, OCEAN 14 CAPITAL 
  • Catarina Martins, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, MOWI 

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Blue Food Innovation Summit

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