Global Shrimp Forum

The first edition of the Global Shrimp Forum will be held between next 6 and 8 September in Utrecht, Netherlands

From 6 to 8 September will be held the first edition of the Global Shrimp Forum (GSF), a fully dedicated high executive meeting place for the warm water shrimp Industry, that will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands. The expectation is to gather 400-500 high level executives representing farmers, feed companies, technology suppliers, service providers, processors, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and other industry stakeholders.

Organized by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Shrimp Insights and Contango, the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation is an independent non-profit and mission oriented organization based in Utrecht.

The Forum presents itself as the place where industry leaders come together to discuss the most pressing issues their businesses are confronted with and to develop a vision on the long term strategy towards a resilient and sustainable industry. GSF aims to facilitate dialogue and encourage collaboration.

The Global Shrimp Forum will present a 2.5-day program packed with presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. The social program includes a welcome reception on day 0 and a gala dinner on day 1. Our aim is to have you leave the forum satisfied and inspired.

Nine seminars which focus on the industry

Day one will start with a plenary session with keynote speakers, presentations and a panel on the state of the industry. After that, the assistant will have the choice between nine seminars which focus on the industry’s most pressing issues and most interesting developments.

In the seminars there will be room for presentations, panel discussions and interaction with the audience. The seminars take place spread over day one in the afternoon and day 2. Day 2 will finish with a plenary closing where you will be presented with a summary of the conference and a message to take home.

The opening and plenary session of the inaugural edition of the Global Shrimp Forum will sets the stage for an annual event where the global leaders of the USD 20 billion farmed shrimp industry gather to discuss the most pressing issues the industry faces today, and to align on a vision about how to secure a resilient future for the industry.

Global Shrimp Forum

This involves a wide range of topics; from understanding supply and demand dynamics, the legal and regulatory frameworks, to the sustainability and social challenges that the industry needs to solve to ensure that it can be a sustainable, healthy and socially responsible source of protein for the growing world population.

In the first part of this plenary session, three keynote speakers will share their perspectives on how the shrimp industry can play its role in solving the world’s largest challenges. In the second part of the plenary session, they will introduce the conference program.

You will be left with inspiration and food for thought that you can take along in the 9 break-out seminars which over the next one and a half day cover all these topics in more depth.

“The opening of the plenary session will be chaired by Chris Ninnes, CEO of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) from October 2011. He was appointed as Chairman of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation in February 2022.”

After him, will take place the conference ‘State of the Industry’, Willem van der Pijl, Co-founder and managing director of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation and owner of Shrimp Insights. Introducing the Conference Programme will be in charge of Esther Luiten, Commercial Director of Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Board Member of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation.

Guatemala and Venezuela, between the emerging producers

Besides that, Barbara Janker, Global Marketing & Communications Director of the ASC, will chairs the New and Upcoming Producers seminar at the 2022 Forum, in which will participate leading vannamei shrimp producers from Guatemala, Venezuela and Sri Lanka –as well as some of the new generation of RAS and biofloc farmers– are set to discuss their operations at a special session of the Global Shrimp Forum on 8 September.

While producing countries like China, Ecuador, India and Vietnam might dominate the vannamei sector in volume terms, the emerging producers featured in this session will have plenty of inspiring insights to share –related to their routes to market, their sustainability credentials and their socio-economic roles.

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