Purchase of Indian company Eruvaka enables Skretting to offer in-house farm software and smart equipment to aquaculturists around the world

Nutreco recently acquired full ownership of Eruvaka, the Vijayawada, India-based software specialist, some time after purchasing a 25% stake in 2018. This acquisition will enable Skretting’s aquaculture business to offer in-house farm software and smart equipment to aquaculturists around the world, who will thus be able to increase productivity and reduce risk in their operations.

Founded in April 2012 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Eruvaka, develops aquaculture pool management solutions, managed directly from the cloud, that include real-time monitoring and smart feeders.

Technology features include automated smart sonic feeding, alerts, pool diagnostics, data logging, analytics and automation.

Eruvaka CEO Kunal Choudhary said, “Eruvaka has formed the basis for the exceptionally successful Skretting 360+ concept. We have been able to work with fish farmers to reduce uncertainty, provide peace of mind, increase productivity and reduce risk”.

Skretting explains that Nutreco’s original 25% stake in a commercial partnership was designed to help Eruvaka scale.

Improving supply chain sustainability

For his part, Nutreco CEO Fulco van Lede said, “I am delighted that Nutreco is acquiring full ownership of Eruvaka. Our purpose of Feeding the Future drives us to invest in innovative technologies that improve the sustainability of our food supply chain. This investment demonstrates our commitment to support fish farmers in incorporating smart solutions that make their business more productive and efficient.”

This technology has been integrated into Skretting’s offering for customers in Latin America since 2018 and has enabled fish farmers to reduce production costs and increase yield and sustainability parameters, while significantly reducing their risk.

Farmers are able to maximize their bottom line

Meanwhile, Carlos Miranda, CEO of Skretting Latam, added: “Eruvaka became part of our Skretting 360+ value proposition in 2018, supporting the precision feeding and crop management pillars of the program. Together with Skretting’s premium extruded diets and technical support, shrimp farmers were able to maximize their bottom line and improve their production performance, significantly increasing growth and survival, and reducing FCR and average cost by 26%.”

“We are proud to support our fish farmers and market growth in Latin America in this way; and we are committed to continuing this journey with our customers to seek continuous improvement in efficiency and sustainability through innovation and digitization,” concluded Miranda.

Since 2019, Nutreco has made more than 10 investments in Asia, Latin America, Australia, Europe and the United States, reflecting its ongoing commitment to support innovative new technologies that promote sustainability across the food value chain.

A decade-long experience and know-how

With a decade-long experience and know-how of developing aquaculture technology, Eruvaka is indisputably the pioneer of intelligent solutions for shrimp feed management, shrimp health, and pond monitoring.

“Innovation is the core of our DNA. We commit to bringing pragmatic innovations to the field of Aquaculture. We are a remarkable team with deep-rooted farmer centricity. We understand and anticipate the farmer needs to fuel their goals and aspirations,” they say.

With customers in over ten countries, they were growing at a rapid pace. The Eruvaka team thrives in the progressive culture of the company that presents challenging and rewarding opportunities. Their vision is “to be the trusted partner for making global aquaculture smart, scalable, and sustainable”.

Their mission is “to transform aquaculture practices and improve farm efficiency using innovative, robust, and customer-centric products & services.”

“At Eruvaka, the world’s most talented engineers, designers, and thought leaders are shaping the future of Aquaculture. With a strong foothold in Latin America, our products are used to improve the yields of thousands of Hectares of Shrimp Ponds. Our products, driven by Big Data & Machine Learning, have brought a paradigm shift in Aquaculture and we are gearing up for the next level of innovation.”

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