Earth Ocean Farms, located in La Paz, Mexico, receives the BAP certification

Earth Ocean Farms is pleased to announce that they have achieved the comprehensive BAP Processing Plant standard for their modern plant in La Paz Mexico. This internationally recognized standard covers the full scope of seafood processing including food safety and quality for the plant which processes Totoaba and Pacific Red Snapper carefully grown in offshore submersible sea pens off the coast of Baja Sur in Mexico in a pristine natural environment.

Information source: Earth Ocean Farms / press release

“We were really excited to work with the entire team at Earth Ocean Farms to get them into the BAP program, but that was just the starting point.  Now we look forward to continuing to work
with them to promote their commitment to responsible aquaculture to buyers and consumers in Mexico and North America,” said  Bill Hoenig, Manager of Latin American Market Development with the Global Aquaculture Alliance.

“This achievement provides an important step forward for all of our team”, says Pablo Konietzko, Director General of Earth Ocean Farms. “It is also an important signal for our many customers that we take seriously our responsibility to provide the freshest, highest quality fish backed by this quality assurance standard.”

Earth Ocean Farms is a fully integrated company starting from their hatchery to the open ocean farm and their processing facility. They rear their own hatchery fingerlings from carefully selected broodstock. Once the fingerlings have reached the optimal size they are stocked at their well-situated farm in the open ocean where the deep crystalline waters of the Sea of Cortez provide the ideal conditions for fish growth.

“To provide the best and healthiest fish to feed current and future generations we care about the entire process monitoring the right temperature, light, and filtrated recirculated water where we raise our juvenile fish. The custom diet matters as it reflects our experience when it comes to superior taste and quality”. states Pablo Konietzko.

As the world population grows, the demand for fish grows also. Wild capture fishing cannot meet the demand which is why aquaculture has become the fastest-growing food production system in the world. More than half of the fish consumed globally comes from aquaculture according to the FAO.

As part of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, BAP ensures aquaculture is done responsibly through its third-party certification program. The full scope of the BAP Seafood Processing Standard includes: • Food Safety, • Social Responsibility • Environmental Management • Animal Welfare
Requirements (Section 8) • Traceability Requirements • Effluent Management • Traceability • Third-Party Laboratory Sampling and Testing • Water Quality.

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