AquaTech Eco Consultants Working to Revive Historic Everglades Aquatic Nursery

AquaTech Eco Consultants, A Tampa based environmental consulting firm with decades of experience growing and transplanting submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) throughout the United States and The Caribbean, has expanded to include restoration aquaculture through Aquaticus Plants.  

Information source: AquaTech Eco / press release

“We are very excited about this renovation project and look forward to continuing our mission to help restore these vital resources for generations to come.” Said Beau Williams, AquaTech’s Founder/CEO.

“With the decline of SAV worldwide, this nursery will allow us to grow SAV for planting in various estuaries, rivers, and lakes across Florida”. “Submerged Aquatic Vegetation is one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet”.

Founded in 1930 by Agricultural Hall Of Famer Albert Greenberg, Everglades Aquatic Nursery was the first in Florida to raise tropical fish in dirt ponds and aquatic plants in concrete vats.

The facility has been certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as an Aquaculture Facility. When completed it will be the largest fresh and saltwater “Restoration Aquaculture” facility in Florida.

Aquaticus Plants will be able to grow hundreds of different ecotypes of SAV at its certified aquaculture facility. The facility will be overseen and managed by Cullen Hal McRae, Aquaticus Plants will be growing a range of underwater plants including, Thalassia Testudinum (Turtle Grass), Syringodium Filiforme (Manatee Grass), and Halodule Wright (Shoal Grass), and freshwater Vallisneria Americana (Eel Grass). As the renovations allow more aquatic vegetation will be grown including mangroves and marsh plants.  

Over the past 20 years, Beau Williams and the team have successfully completed over 150 seagrass and other coastal environmental projects. In 1999 he started his career transplanting seagrass in Port Manatee. Much of the restoration projects typically achieve measurable results within 12-18 months. Techniques utilized by AquaTech Eco Consultants have been scientifically peer-reviewed and approved by the National Oceanic and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

About AquaTech Eco Consultants And Aquaticus Plants  

AquaTech Eco Consultants ( is a Environmental Consulting Firm based in Tampa, FL that is focused on providing successful mitigation and restoration results with a cost-effective approach. Through its staff of seasoned ecosystem specialists, who collectively bring several decades of innovative restoration techniques. Aquatech can help grow and restore critical areas in need of specialized environmental services.  

Aquaticus Plants ( is a full-service aquaculture facility that focuses on growing both fresh and saltwater submerged aquatic vegetation

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