Signify and ScaleAQ partner up in sustainable fish farming

 Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, and ScaleAQ join forces in a global strategic partnership for sustainable Aquaculture solutions, to optimize feed conversion in the most efficient way and contribute to the food challenges the world is facing. Together the two companies will improve fish welfare, production, and yield for fish farmers by providing an optimal light spectrum, light distribution, and control system so farmers can customize the light recipes to their specific needs.

Information source: Signify / press release

Optimal lighting improves fish welfare and results in a better feed conversion ratio and lower maturation rate. It also protects fish from sea lice infestation. Signify offers Philips Aquaculture LED lighting products that ScaleAQ will resell with an initial focus on marine-based/sea cage products. Leveraging 125 years of Signify’s lighting experience in innovation, technology, and equipment, the partnership provides customer-tailored sustainable solutions to the Aquaculture industry with a focus on quality, efficiency, service and being future proof.

“The aquaculture industry is growing rapidly and needs partnerships like this to meet the increasing need for local presence and support, while at the same time using R&D resources to develop solutions for the future. Our focus on lighting recipes, IoT and data insights play a crucial role in optimizing agricultural businesses in the future, helping us to create customer solutions together with ScaleAQ that are solid growth platforms for fish farmers,” says Bill Bien, head of Signify’s Agricultural Lighting business.

In combination with the knowledge and experience of Signify’s fish specialists and technical experts, the partnership will help Signify to further develop the service it can give its global customers and strengthen customer relationships. “Our products can serve the very high demands a modern seacage puts on quality, durability and functionality, but with this partnership we will also focus on collecting even more customer insights to continuously improve the products we provide them with,” says Bien.

Find out more about Signify’s Aquaculture lighting here.

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