Cambodia: half-year figures see a rise in fish breeding

Fish production during the first half of this year reached close to one billion, marking a nearly one percent rise from figures recorded in the same period last year.

Written by: Som Kaninka / Khmer Times

In a recent Facebook post, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon said this year’s production has so far hatched approximately 835,000,000 fish – an increase of 500,000 from last year – all of which were released into freshwater bodies and given to the local community for further farming.

During a field visit in Siem Reap province on Sunday, Sakhon said nine aquaculture farms in the province have so far bred more than 10 million fishes. These include 3.3 million tilapias, 5.2 million Hypsibarbus, 2.1 million grey eel-catfish and 40,000 Anabas.

Frog and turtle farming also saw an increase in the Siem Reap community as eight of its districts have 66 frog farms, producing 0.7 million frogs and 17 turtle farms producing  20,000 turtles.

The higher figure, said Sakhon, will greatly contribute to an increase in the national food security, which in turn will reduce fish imports and boost local employment.

Sakhon previously highlighted the dual importance of fish among the Cambodian people, with it being one of their primary sources of protein, among other nutrients and earning an income for the fish breeders.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Hun Sen during a field visit at the Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development Centre in Prey Veng province noted the significant contribution of the aquaculture sector in the country’s food security.

He also encouraged farmers to further engage in sustainable aquaculture activities to promote aquaculture productivity and meet domestic demand.


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