Taylor Power Systems Launches New Standby Generator Focused on the Aquaculture Industry

Taylor Power Systems recently launched a new standby generator to meet the requirements of the fish farming industry. Catfish farming in the state of Mississippi, and overall in the south, is a vital part of the agriculture landscape.

Information source: Taylor Power Systems / media release

Today more farmers are utilizing the electric grid to power pumps and aerators on their fishponds. These changes have become necessary due to rising diesel fuel costs, not to mention the lofty price of new tractors to run the paddle wheels on PTO driven pumps.

Yet, most farms are in rural areas where the electric grid is more vulnerable, which means an increased number of power outages. This is where the need for back-up power generation is a necessity in every aspect of the fish industry from the hatchery, to the pumps, to the aerators.

For example, in the heat of a Mississippi summer, as a result of a power outage, shallow fishponds can lose the oxygen in the warm water very quickly. When oxygen starts to decrease, the fish will start to succumb to oxygen depletion. The farmer has to get oxygen back in the water as fast as possible to protect their investment. Having a reliable standby generator that immediately kicks in upon an outage provides peace of mind and a defense against what could be a critical loss.

In the past, catfish farms have requested Taylor Power to build custom units to meet their specific needs. With this background of custom-building generators for fish farms, Taylor Power was well-positioned to engineer a unit specifically tailored to the Aquaculture Industry. In addition to catfish farms, this custom generator is capable of meeting the standby demands of other agriculture farms.


  • John Deere Diesel Engine (6.8L Turbocharged Inline 6-Cylinder, Tier 3)
  • High Ambient Unit Mounted Radiator
  • AC Alternator Stamford 4 Pole, with Optional PMG Provided as Standard, Class H Insulation, Self-Exciting
  • Integral Vibration Isolators
  • Spark Arrestor Muffler Mounted Internally, and Side Discharged to Reduce Water Intrusion
  • 6-Amp Battery Charger
  • Water Jacket Heater
  • Analog Auto-Start Controller for Reliability
  • Emergency Bypass Key Switch
  • 250-Gallon Single Wall Sub-Base Fuel Tank
  • 14-Gauge Powder Coat Painted Galvannealed Weather Enclosure

About Taylor Power Systems: With a name synonymous for dependability for over 30 years, Taylor Power Systems has established a solid reputation for quality, innovation and service. Taylor Power Systems is a premier, American Made, generator manufacturer. We design, engineer, manufacture, and service generators for the oil and gas, industrial, commercial, business, health care, telecommunications, municipal, rental, transportation, agricultural and any standby or prime power needs.

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