Skretting committed to leading sustainability progress

Recently published, Skretting’s Sustainability Report for 2019 showcases strategies that the world’s leading aquaculture feed company has undertaken over the last year to develop and support sustainable fish and shrimp production. These actions were directly aligned with Skretting’s overriding sustainability vision to use its unique position in the value chain to help provide greater food and nutritional security for the 9 billion people that will be populating the planet by 2050.

Information source and photographs: Skretting / press release

With more detail than ever before, this new digital document features some of Skretting’s headline inputs, investments, impacts and success stories from 2019 – a year in which it produced 2.3 million tonnes of feed; a volume that in turn enabled the delivery of 21.5 million seafood meals every day.

As well as defining the latest sourcing criteria applied in the formulation of every single Skretting diet, the code of conduct that safeguards the business and its employees, and also the strict standards required of all suppliers, the Sustainability Report highlights some of the key future focus areas through which it intends to accelerate meaningful change throughout the aquaculture landscape. This and other work will be guided by a forthcoming Sustainability Roadmap 2025.

Introducing the new report, Skretting CEO, Therese Log Bergjord, says, “Our increased global leadership throughout 2019 has further extended our understanding of the impacts that Skretting and the aquaculture value chain have. In turn, this knowledge is helping us to set much more specific and bolder objectives. With these targets in place, it is our ambition to be a leader in sustainability.”

At the same time, with Skretting’s commitment to ensuring all of its activities are conducted in the most responsible manner possible, the report also promises further responsible actions aimed specifically at reducing the carbon footprint of its operations as well as those of its suppliers and value chain partners. Through these and further activities, its steadfast objective remains to provide the platform from which all aquaculture can grow responsibly and be one of the most productive and sustainable food systems for people and the planet.

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