Australian Company Two Hands Progresses to Live Offer Stage of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

The Australian start-up turning the live food supply chain on its head, Two Hands, have confirmed that their equity crowdfunding campaign offer will go live on May 19th. Two Hands invites Australians to invest in the first Australian business to guarantee safe, ethical and genuine food directly from our local fishermen and farmers into international restaurants. Projected to raise between $500,000 -$1,000,000AUD by the end of June, Two Hands aims to use this equity raise to expand their customer base, the amount of proteins offered and evolve their digital marketplace. 

Information source: Two Hands press release

Currently, with over 220 expressions of interest, Two Hands is humbled and inspired by the response from the Australian public. “The feedback we have received from the public so far has been rewarding, the fact that our mission statement and values are resonating with so many people is reaffirming. I feel that people are also finding the opportunity to invest in a company like Two Hands as a positive act of change, to take control of the current situation and become an active part of the solution,” says Two Hands founder Greg McLardie. 

Ahead of their public offer going live, Two Hands has broadened their offering into beef with their newly announced partnership with Aglive, an Australian livestock producer and supply chain traceability provider. This unique collaboration will commence post COVID-19, in which Two Hands and Aglive will join forces to deliver safe, authentic and ethical beef and seafood from Australian fishermen and farmers directly to restaurants in China. 

Both Two Hands and Aglive agree that following COVID-19 it cannot be ‘business as usual’ for Australian farmers and fishermen. Now more than ever the world needs complete transparency and accountability from ethical food supply chains. “COVID-19 was enabled by a lack of transparency and ethics in the food supply chain. We feel it’s our responsibility to help create ethical food supply chains, avoid wet markets and provide a solution that governments, the United Nations and law enforcement can’t resolve,” said Paul Ryan, Executive Director of Aglive.

“There was a very strong connection in our first meeting. Aglive was focused on the beef industry and Two Hands was focused on the seafood industry. Together we realised the core of founding our two startups is to bring about a much better result for fishers and farmers.  We both believe fishers and farmers don’t receive the profit, respect or recognition they deserve for their sweat.  Middlemen have become more powerful at the expense of producers. We’ve come together with a mission to change this dynamic forever,” stated McLardie. 

The Two Hands and Aglive integrated blockchain-smart tagging solution will allow users to monitor and control shipments of beef direct from Australia to Chinese restaurants. This comes on the back of the technology already being used to track seafood through the Two Hands marketplace.

“There has never been a more important time to strengthen the connection between our Aussie farmers and fishers, and end consumers in China. Our technologies will work together to digitise the supply chain, which means Chinese consumers can rest reassured that Aussie products are authentic, premium quality, have traveled on an ethical supply chain and are safe to consume,” concluded McLardie.

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