New online platform introduced to promote fish farming in Tanzania

An online platform called Jamvi has been introduced with the hope of promoting investments in aquaculture.  The founder of Jamvi, Shadrack Kamfya, said a fishpond would be established in Bagamoyo with a production capacity of some 10,000 fish.  Kamfya indicated that the company was collaborating with a fish consultancy firm.  The stated goal would be to raise funds, create financial freedom and encourage rural empowerment.

Mr. Kamfya explained that “Anyone who wants to join our platform can sign on through internet and social media.  After that, he/she will be required to invest a maximum capital of Sh1 million (USD 435) to Sh50,000 (USD 21.75).”  He went on to state that registration had already begun through the online platform for persons interested in investing in a tilapia or catfish farm. “So far the registration process is going on well” he said. “We have at least 30 people registered and before the end of this month we expect to reach 200 people through an online system.”

“By investing in fish farming, farmers contribute to food security” Kamfya continued. “We encourage people to invest in fish farming to fill the gap” referring to the shortfall in fisheries products that plagues Tanzania. The business hopes to attract $30,000 in the next 18 months in order to produce some 10 tons of tilapia and catfish.  Mr. Obey Assery, Director of Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Agriculture, indicated that the platform initiative would enable a number of young people to venture into fish farming. 

Photography: Mukasa Farms. Courtesy of Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation

Written by: Aquaculture Magazine Staff

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