African Great Lakes workshop scheduled

The African Center for Aquatic Research and Education (ACARE) and its partners are holding a workshop: Strengthening Capacity in Research, Policy and Management through Development of a Network of African Great Lakes Basin Stakeholders (AGL Stakeholder Network Workshop) in Entebbe, Uganda on November 5-7, 2019. This is a rescheduling of a workshop that was planned to be held in Malawi in August.

The workshop is the first step of creating a long-term, collaborative process with global freshwater experts in order to address the biggest challenges facing the African Great Lakes. To do this, ACARE is developing a stakeholder network of lake-specific Advisory Groups to guide future research.  Experts from Africa, Europe, and North America will be in attendance to provide guidance, structure, and ideas on how to move forward as a community on the African Great Lakes.

The motivation for this process comes from decades of disparate research approaches that have often lacked coordination to aggregate past or current research data. The outcome has often been weak data sets inadequate to positively inform policies and management. Without a harmonized approach, the African Great Lakes community often lacks the ability to prioritize research to tackle the biggest problems.

To address the challenges on the African Great Lakes, ACARE and its partners are creating lake-specific advisory groups to harmonize research efforts and garner the resources necessary to conduct this research. The overall purposes for this approach is to ensure strong, robust science with long-term, coordinated data to help influence positive changes in freshwater policy and management. Advisory groups will work towards collaborative efforts including:

• Aquaculture

• Education of Africa’s next generation of freshwater experts

• Long-term, base-line monitoring

More information about the workshop, including a draft agenda and registration information, can be found at

Photography: Courtesy of West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program

Written by: Aquaculture Magazine Staff

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