Aquaculture Europe 2019 in Berlin could be one of the biggest and most varied events from WAS

Information source: WAS Press release

The opening plenary sessions of AE2019 will include a view on “The Environment and Fish Health” – by Professor Charles R. Tyler of the University of Exeter, UK. Fish are excellent barometers of aquatic ecosystem health and declines in both their diversity and abundance globally is a major cause for concern, not least because of their fundamental roles in ecosystem function and as a source for food. This talk will be free-ranging with the purpose of provoking thought into might better translate knowledge on fish physiology for optimizing aquaculture practice. We will then look at “Producer, trade and consumer.” A presentation/panel session moderated by Alexander Wever, AWF Consulting, Berlin, Germany, that will give voice to the concerns and standpoints of producers, traders and consumers, additionally challenging them with highlighted individual statements from random European stakeholders (video messages).

More than 880 abstracts have been submitted for the 55 parallel sessions that make up the scientific conference. Sessions address all aspects of European aquaculture and will provide a window on the latest research outputs from a huge diversity of initiatives.

The AE2019 Special Sessions are targeted towards aquaculture producers and suppliers. They include sessions on marine litter, parasite management, nutrition and breeding innovations, shrimp production and aquaculture in Central and Eastern Europe. They also include the EU EATIP Day, whose program is being finalized at this moment. Programs of all of the special sessions will be posted online and also look out on the EAS site to download our EAS Meetings App for Apple and Android that will accompany you before and during your time in Berlin.

One of these special sessions is entitled “Women in Aquaculture.” Organized by EAS and The Fish Site (on the back of its very successful series of the same name), this panel session will look at ways to ensure greater gender diversity at all levels of the aquaculture sector? More specifically, the panel will offer first-hand insights into how women can overcome perceived gender-related obstacles and build thriving careers right across the aquaculture sector.

The AE2019 trade show currently has 148 booths sold to 130 companies from 23 countries. Exhibitors include the main companies operating in Germany, as well as specialty companies proposing products and services for the sector. It also includes some ‘new entrants’ to aquaculture. Literally, one or two booths remain available – and these can be purchased by contacting Mario at Marevent.

The European Aquaculture Society Aquaculture Europe 2019 will be held in the Estrel Hotel and Conference Center, Berlin from October 7 to 11. There is a very strong interest in this event, with more than 880 abstracts received for presentation. A very varied program is being finalized, with 55 sessions over the three conference days. 150 booths have been sold for the trade show and 8 special sessions link business and science.

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