Ecuadorian SSP named James Beard Foundation Impact Program Sustainability Partner

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) is pleased to announce they have been named a James Beard Foundation Impact Program Sustainability Partner.

Information source and photo credit: Sustainable Shrimp Partnership Ecuador / Press Release

“Chefs and restaurants drive trends around seafood, and therefore we have a responsibility to promote the most sustainable seafood options available,” said Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact for the James Beard Foundation. “SSP are experts on the complex seafood supply chain and recognize the benefits of sustainable aquaculture, which is why we are pleased to have them as a Sustainability Partner and have their support in increasing education and awareness of responsible farming practices among our growing network of chefs and restaurant professionals.”

The James Beard Foundation is one of leading global sustainable food advocacy organizations, which has built a platform for chefs to support the promotion of sustainable and high-quality foods and asserted the power of gastronomy to drive behavior, culture, and policy change around food.

“The James Beard Foundation is the perfect partner for SSP as we share the same values in driving change in the seafood sector to promote the benefits of sustainable practices for both the product and the environment,” added Pamela Nath, SSP Director. “By becoming a James Beard Foundation Impact Partner we are able to connect with chefs and culinary experts all over the US to raise awareness of sustainable practices, the benefits of quality over costs, and work with the Foundation to deliver high quality, sustainable shrimp products to their network.”

As part of their role as Impact Partner, SSP commit to offering products which meet the highest environmental and social standards – all SSP branded farmed shrimp meets the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Standard, plus due to their extensive natural based farming approach is also free of antibiotics and fully traceable.  SSP will also support the ongoing education of the culinary community in sustainable seafood choices, by contributing to many of the James Beard Foundation events including Sustainable Seafood Issue Summits and Culinary Labs.

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