TARS returns with renewed focus on Asia’s aquafeeds sector

TARS 2019 returns with renewed focus on Asia’s aquafeeds sector to match needs of shrimp and feed producers.

Information source: TARS Aquaculture Press Release

In today’s challenging times, bespoke nutrition is key to ensuring adequate health status and disease management, essential to the long-term sustainability of Asia’s aquaculture. A critical need is to improve feed efficiency and reduce impact on the environment. This ninth Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS®) in 2019 will focus on Asia’s aquafeeds sector. This is the third time the series is covering aquafeeds, following the two held in 2011 and 2015, respectively.

As the growth of aquaculture in Asia is highly dependent on the feed sector, we have to ensure it is not the weakest link in the value chain. For freshwater fish producers, a major challenge is low prices for final products and the way forward is to focus on production cost per kg of fish. We know that functional feeds can play an important role but unless well understood, there will be resistance by end-users,” says Dr Zuridah Merican, editor of Aqua Culture Asia Pacific, and chairperson of TARS 2019. 

“Although the availability of fish meal replacements to meet the same performance, and at the same costs, is no longer a dream; the incorporation into feed formulations requires a total understanding of all the nutrients available from fish meal and oils and at the amino acids and fatty acids levels.”

TARS 2019, with the theme Aquafeeds: Fit for Future will feature a dynamic program with 16 plenary presentations. Industry leaders will come together with experts in fish and shrimp nutrition to review the state of the aquafeeds industry in Asia and specific challenges in Indonesia, Thailand and India; species-specific nutrition and nutrient requirement-based diets along the value chain; new protein meals and oil as fish meal replacements; feeds for disease and health management; business management practices; and R&D technologies to maintain a sustainable and viable future.

The session, Hard Talk with C-suite Executives of aquaculture feed companies will feature hard-hitting questions on successful business models, challenges, and strategies. Unique to each TARS are the Interactive Breakout Roundtable and Panel Sessionswhere participants will collectively identify areas of concern and solutions for better feed efficiency, health and nutrition for shrimp, freshwater fish and marine fish.

TARS 2019 is a platform for networking and dialogue among Asia’s key players in the aquaculture sector and stakeholders along the value chain, from CEOs, feedmill managers, feed additives suppliers, nutritionists, technologists, formulators, farm and hatchery managers, integrators, investors, marketeers to governments, NGOs and academia.

Organized by Aqua Research Pte Ltd and Corporate Media Services Pte Ltd, TARS 2019 will convene in Bali, Indonesia from August 14-15, 2019. 

Industry sponsors include INVE Aquaculture, DSM, Corbion Biotech, Biomin, BASF, BioMar, Adisseo/Nutriad and Calysta.

For more information go to: www.tarsaquaculture.com.

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