The Canadian government is creating more opportunity for Newfoundland and Labrador shrimp processors

Written by: editorial / The Aurora

The provincial government has struck a deal with offshore shrimp companies and onshore processors that will see more product handled in Newfoundland and Labrador.

As of April 15, offshore companies landing frozen-at-sea industrial shrimp — smaller shrimp, frozen with the shell on — will give onshore processors the opportunity to buy through a new process. 

Shrimp harvesting companies will give five days’ notice to processors in the province, advising of their vessel’s estimated landing date and port, volume of industrial shrimp onboard and the price. 

Onshore processors who wish to purchase will then submit an expression of interest.

Previously, only a small fraction of industrial shrimp was processed in this province. According to government, in 2018, almost all of the approximately 30,000 tonnes of frozen-at-sea shrimp landed in N.L. waters was transhipped for export markets.

The provincial government believes the new process could drastically increase the amount of shrimp processed onshore and spur job creation in rural areas. 


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