International conference on sustainable aquaculture to be held in Indonesia.

The “Ecological Intensification: A New Paragon for Sustainable Aquaculture” international conference will be held in Bogor, Indonesia, 28th – 30th October 2019.

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KKP and IRD are proud to invite you to this conference and share scientific expertise and experiences. The radical shift from traditional practices of Asian aquaculture toward intensified production systems is a major trend and the sustainability of these intensified systems needs to be questioned.

Ecological intensification could be a rational alternative to increase aquaculture production by maximizing the use of ecological processes and ecosystem services provided by biodiversity. Aware of the importance of public debate and knowledge sharing, we organize in Indonesia this international congress on the ecological intensification of aquaculture. This event is a continuation of the multi-decade commitment of IRD and European scientists alongside the Southeast Asian countries in the field of aquaculture.

Special sessions dedicated to the dimension of aquaculture in agroecology, about ecosystem services, ecological intensification and their societal perception are planned. We hope that this congress will give opportunity to scientists to share experiences on ecological intensification in aquaculture, while highlighting the importance of transcontinental scientific exchanges of research actors.

Finally, we also wish to strengthen the role of research toward sustainable development of aquaculture and broaden the debate of sustainable innovation in this sector to the civil society.


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Ecological Intensification: A new paragon for sustainable aquaculture

Conference  28-30 October 2019

Early registration & Abstract submission until the 30th of August 2019

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