US hails WTO rulings in ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna tiff with Mexico

The U.S. ambassador to the World Trade Organization has welcomed two rulings that backed the United States in a long-running dispute with Mexico over U.S. “dolphin-safe tuna labeling.

Written by The Associated Press / abc news

The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the WTO appellate body that delivered the rulings, and has thwarted efforts to appoint new members to it.

A WTO panel formally adopted Friday the rulings last month that found U.S. tuna-labeling measures in line with Washington’s commitments to the trade organization.

While welcoming the decision, Ambassador Dennis Shea voiced disappointment that it had taken “more than a decade to resolve.”

Alluding to Mexico’s concerns, Shea lamented that the U.S. “was forced to expend considerable resources over nearly a decade trying to defend successfully what was always an environmental measure with no element of protectionism.”


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