From fishing to long-term aquaculture

An intergovernmental agreement will be signed on imposing a moratorium (ban) on commercial hunting for sturgeon in the Caspian Sea.

By Narmina Mammadova

The director of the Fisheries Research Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mehman Ahundov, said this at a press conference, informed.

He stated it will be decided to adopt the specified agreement at the II session of the commission on aquatic biological resources of the Caspian countries, which will be held in Baku on November 27-29.

Ahundov noted that on November 15 an international conference will be held on the topic “From fishing to long-term aquaculture”.

Earlier, he said that about 800 individuals and legal entities addressed the ministry in order to be engaged in aquaculture.

Taking into account the threat of depletion of biological resources and poaching, it is necessary to develop aquaculture in the Caspian regions of Azerbaijan and involve the population in a new activity, the director of the institute said.

Ahundov also said that the ministry is making efforts to create more efficient farms in the basin and to increase the number of fish species in the Caspian Sea and other water basins in the country through the development of aquaculture.

“Currently, a state program is being developed for the development of this sphere. This will give impetus to the development of fisheries and the aquaculture sector in the country,” the director of the institute said.

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