Drains in South Jakarta used for aquaculture

Residents of Pengadegan neighborhood in South Jakarta have turned the drains in their neighborhood into fish farms.

Neighborhood unit (RT) 1, community unit (RW) 1 of the subdistrict has turned two of the drains into fish ponds and has created good business cooperation with local food sellers.

RT 1 head Saparno said the ponds were mainly filled with catfish. “For now, we’re breeding catfish because their maintenance is easier than other fish,” Saparno said as reported by kompas.com.

The RT 1 community has cooperated with pecel lele [fried catfish] vendors in the neighborhood by becoming suppliers, as well as selling the fresh fish to residents.

Saparno said that one of the ponds had been used for red tilapia fish-farming, but these had never been harvested.

“The first tilapia fish pond failed, because right after we painted the pond we immediately filled it with the fish. They died because of the paint,” he said.

A catfish farmer, Wasro Mukrodi, said he harvested the catfish from one of the ponds once and earned Rp 400,000 (US$28.90). Using some Rp 300,000 of the revenue he bought 400 catfish eggs, he added.

Aside from creating fish ponds, the residents are also using open spaces to grow vegetables using the hydroponic system. (ami)


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