Veolia Water Technologies Presents ‘Paradigm Shift’ as Land-Based Aquaculture Companies Scale Up to Accommodate Increased Global Demand for Salmon

At the 2018 Aquaculture America Conference in Las Vegas, Veolia aquaculture expert, Frédéric Gaumet, Ph. D., presented common production challenges land-based aquaculture companies will face as it prepares to meet the exponentially increasing global salmon demand.

Gaumet’s presentation, “Challenges and Potential of Large Industrial Land- Based Plants for Post Smolts and Market Size Fish,” discussed some of the latest challenges for large-scale land-based aquaculture producers. These companies will need to prepare for increased fish biosecurity, welfare and health, water quality, and optimal facility design as they aim to increase their annual production yield.

“As companies begin to prepare to meet the global demand for salmon by designing and building facilities to
accommodate the large-scale production of market size fish, the complexity of these facilities will create unique
challenges that these operators will need to prepare for,” said Frédéric Gaumet, business development manager of
aquaculture at Veolia Water Technologies. He adds that “optimizing facility design for fish handling and resource
management, along with having bio and business plans that are both realistic and flexible will help ensure success
in these large-scale facilities.”

In addition to Gaumet’s technical presentation, Veolia exhibited its portfolio of recirculating aquaculture technologies, the RAS2020 and the Kaldnes® RAS, to attending aquaculture professionals. These modular systems are designed  for aquaculture companies to reach yearly harvests of more than 5,000 tons/year, while minimizing energy and water use.

The Aquaculture America conference is an annual event hosted by the U.S. Aquaculture Society, National Aquaculture Association, and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association. The event was held on February 19-22, 2018,
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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