Latest Aquaculture Probiotic Targets Vibrio& Ammonia in Hatcheries

Keeton Industries Introduces Hatchery Prime Smart Pellets

(Wellington, CO, February 22, 2018) Keeton Industries announced the launch of their latest product Hatchery Prime Smart Pellets, a stress reducing probiotic specifically formulated for shrimp and fish hatcheries.

Hatchery Prime Smart Pellets were developed to reduce vibrio and other pathogenic bacteria while eliminating ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. As a result hatcheries using Hatchery Prime have experienced increased growth and survival, improved feed conversion rates and greater yields. Other reported benefits include advanced harvest, more consistent growth, improved water quality, and cleaner tank bottoms.

Another key benefit is ease of use. Hatchery Prime comes in pellet form, so application is extremely fast and easy. Simply toss the pellets into the tank and the need for mixing, measuring, weighing, activating or incubating is eliminated.

“We’re really excited about Hatchery Prime. This is a big advancement for hatcheries,” said Mike Moore, Keeton Industries Aquaculture Sales Director. “Hatchery Prime is extremely easy to use and highly effective at reducing vibrio and eliminating ammonia. Better production was never this easy.”

A customer of Keeton Industry, Ravi Sangha of Acuabiomar stated, “This is exactly what we’ve been looking for. This is exactly what we need.”

About Keeton Industries. Since 1972, Keeton Industries has been a leader and innovator in fish farming and sustainable aquaculture throughout the world, providing environmentally friendly beneficial microbe products that improve water quality and the health of fish and shrimp. Keeton Industries has received seven patents for biological treatment systems and hold the only patented probiotic in the aquaculture industry. Their brand names include ShrimpShield™, PondToss™, FeedTreat™ and D3™.

If you would like more information on Hatchery Prime Smart Pellets contact Mike Moore at 800-493-4831 or

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