Small Investment Bringing Great Results: Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum to Return Taipei World Trade Center on July 26

Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum will return to Taipei World Trade Center in the upcoming summer, featuring the latest technologies and equipment, and serving as an one-stop platform for professionals in the industry.

The ocean covers 70 percent of the surface of our planet and its natural resources redeem the land’s insufficiency of the food products. However, over exploitation of fishing resources has resulted in a decline of fishing volume and an increasing amount of endangered species. In order to relieve the pressures in the ocean, aquaculture is urged to help the ecological sustainability and to supply good fish to every one.

There are 500 aquaculture species being farmed nowadays and it is the first time that the farming volume surpassed wild fishing in 2017. Aquaculture is seen as one of the solutions for the future food production systems, and its new technologies and studies advancing as well. Hsu Huang Chou, the Chairman of Taiwan Aquaculture Development Association observed that information and biological technology involved in the aquaculture industry will make aquaculture more promising.

Although the aquaculture market is expanding, there are several issues to be settled. For example, excessive use of chemicals, aquatic animal diseases and infections, ecological pollution and invasive species effects all must be dealt with. As a result, UBM Taiwan and Malaysia collectively organised “Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum” to provide aquatic farmers a total solution at a one-stop platform. Themed as “Innovative, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable,” the trade show focuses on state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that enable farmers to improve productivity and optimize products. The organisers are now recruiting manufacturers from around the world to showcase feed additives, farming equipment and smart farming systems that benefit the entire ecological systems and the industry.

Ms. Sabine Liu, General Manager of UBM Taiwan remarked that Taiwan has marvellous energy and talent to meet the aquaculture demand and the farming species are similar to most Asia-Pacific countries. “Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum” is undoubtedly a perfect option to expand business opportunity. The exhibitor, BactiWay, an environmental probiotic manufacturing company, agreed that Asia-Pacific countries are now launching circular economy strategies which will drive more manufacturers to develop innovative products. “It is a great chance to show aquatic supply chains’ ability to achieve environmental sustainability and provide good fish for consumers. I believe a new vision could be to brought in the future and it’s our mission to ensure human health,” said Chen Chia-Chen, General Manager of Shiuh Ger.

The “Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum” is held concurrently with “Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum” and “Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum” at Taipei World Trade Center. Manufacturers who supply smart farming equipment, circular economy machinery and feed and feed additives are highly encouraged to book a booth now. The triple exhibition contains a series of conferences and business match making programmes from July 26-28. This one-and-only annual trade show represents Taiwan’s premier, international and professional B2B trading platform that focuses on the advanced technologies for the field of livestock, aquaculture and agriculture. For more exhibition information and details, please refer to the official website or contact Sophia Lu (TEL: +886-2-2738-3898; FAX: +886-2-2738-4886; Email:

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