Firms race to offer farmed tuna

Companies are racing to offer bluefin tuna raised through complete aquafarming, from eggs to mature fish, as they see a big potential in the business.

Demand for Pacific bluefin tuna is strong in Japan for luxury sushi use, but the amount of the fish available to catch in the seas has been on the decline.

Kyokuyo Feed One Marine Co., a fifty-fifty joint venture set up by seafood maker Kyokuyo Co. and feed maker Feed One Co., started shipping the Hon-Maguro no Kiwami Tunagu brand of fully farmed bluefin tuna to high-end supermarkets and others on Nov. 22.

The joint venture is developing aquaculture and feed for tuna in an integrated manner, aiming to replicate the original red of the lean fish meat.

Kyokuyo Feed plans to ship 60 tons of the tuna in fiscal 2017 through March next year and 200 tons in fiscal 2018.

Kyokuyo rival Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. plans to enter the market this winter, aiming to ship 1,000 tons of the Kitsuna Kin Label brand of fully farmed bluefin tuna in fiscal 2019.

Kindai University, which achieved full-cycle aquaculture of bluefin tuna for the first time in the world in 2002, has been producing the Kindai Tuna brand.

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