BioMar appoints new General Manager in Ecuador

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Ecuador: After almost 25 years as General Manager in Alimentsa, Roberto Boloña (age 68) has
chosen to step down and leave the position to his natural successor Vice-General Manager
Danny Velez.
In connection with the recent acquisition of 70% of the shares in Alimentsa, BioMar Group appoints
Danny Velez as General Manager. Danny Velez has for more than 25 years been one of the driving
forces positioning the company as a leading provider of high-performance diets and best-in-class
technical services and training. Up to now Danny Velez has been heading the daily operations being in
close contact with customers as well as suppliers.
“I fully respect the decision taken by Roberto Boloña and we highly appreciate his valuable contribution
to Alimentsa during the past years. I am very satisfied that Danny Velez has accepted the new challenge
securing continuity and taking lead in integrating Alimentsa into BioMar Group. We right now are
focused on positioning Alimentsa even stronger in Latin America and we expect to be able to present
very tangible actions within a short timeframe. I believe that we can together create synergies in
regards to the development and delivery of high-end products and services to the Ecuadorian shrimp
farmers”, explains Henrik Aarestrup, VP Emerging Markets, BioMar Group.
Roberto Boloña hands over a strong company having supported a smooth acquisition process, now
positioning BioMar Group among the leading shrimp feed producers in Latin America.
“Personally, I am very honoured to be chosen to lead this important step forward for Alimentsa. I see a
huge opportunity developing Alimentsa with support from the global innovation teams in BioMar. At
the AquaExpo in Guayaquil our customers were truly excited about the new opportunities ahead and I
am sure that together we will make leaps and bounds towards contributing to the innovation of the
aquaculture industry in Ecuador”, states Danny Velez, General Manager in Alimentsa.

For further information, please contact:
VP, Emerging Markets BioMar
Henrik Aarestrup
Director, Global HR and Corporate Communication
Sif Rishoej
BioMar is a leading supplier of high-performance feed to the global aquaculture industry. Currently, BioMar operates 14
feed factories and is currently constructing another two. The factories are placed across the globe in Norway, Chile,
Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Australia. Roughly one out of five
farmed fish produced in Europe, South and Central America is fed on BioMar feed. Worldwide, BioMar supplies feed to
around 80 countries and for more than 45 different fish species. BioMar is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group
Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ, Copenhagen. Learn more about the BioMar Group on
Alimentsa is a leading dedicated Ecuadorian Shrimp feed supplier operating within the Ecuadorian market. The
company has since it was established in 1986 been fully owned by the founding families. BioMar acquired 70% of the
shares in 2017. Alimentsa delivers feed solutions as well as technical support and training to more than 300 shrimp
farmers around the country and generated revenue of approximately USD 75 million in 2016 with total feed sales of
approx. 77.000 tonnes. The company has currently 145 employees.

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