Taiwan to introduce aquaculture tech in PH

Taiwanese companies specializing in aquaculture technology using fish cages will prospect for partners in the Philippines who can market their technology or partner with them in fish production.

Philip Huang, deputy executive director of the Master Development Department of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, told The Manila Times that companies from his country will be looking for local partners who can market their cage farming aquaculture technology or produce fish in local shores.

“A delegation from Taiwan will come to the Philippines to introduce cage farming in the seas. They will be looking for partners and sell equipment,” he said.

Taiwan’s own cage farming aquaculture technology will also be exhibited during the Taiwan Expo 2017 that will be held at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex from today to Sunday. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Association Inc. Philippines will be bringing in top manufacturers and suppliers to the country through the expo, but not limited to aquaculture and farming.

Huang said the companies that develops and markets the cage farming aquaculture technology can offer integrated solutions that are sustainable, like installing solar panels so the aeration of the fish cages will not require electricity from the grid.

Also, Taiwan’s cage farming aquaculture technology is modular, or the production system can have several modules instead of one large system. The cages or modules can have widths and lengths measuring from 80 to 100 meters.

“Our technology is already at the same level as Japan’s,” Huang said.

Because Taiwan uses modern aquaculture technology like fish cages manned by people who are trained to feed fishes the right way with just the right amount of feeds, Taiwan is able to export various marine products.

Huang said the besides providing equipment, the companies offering cage farming aquaculture technology train people on how to manage the system and feed the fish stock the right and sustainable way.

He said the close proximity of Taiwan to the Philippines will allow companies offering cage farming aquaculture technology to assist their prospective partners adequately in the future.

Source: http://www.manilatimes.net/taiwan-introduce-aquaculture-tech-ph/353493/

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