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June/July 2016

Centralized Monitoring and Control: PENTAIR’S POINT FOUR LC3

Pentair understands that access to immediate, reliable, accurate water quality information is critical in demanding aquaculture applications, that’s why the Point Four LC3 has been fully redesigned with connectivity in mind. This refined system provides facility managers and site employees with full access to system information securely from anywhere at any time - even on the go.

Displaying, notifying and reacting to sensor data is what the LC3 does best. Whether it’s triggering a low level water sensor alarm for an individual tank, cycling oxygen diffusers or sending an email/text message system alert warning to your smart phone; the Point Four LC3 is designed to keep complex, critical operations running smoothly & efficiently. Users can collect, manipulate, or control their data locally via the LC3’s clear and intuitive touch screen display. Connecting remotely is a snap using any smart device, or use a PC to access the built-in web-server.

A typical configuration for a monitoring and control system designed by Pentair features Point Four (PT4) equipment. The Point Four RIU3 can capture and display water quality readings, for parameters such as dissolved oxygen and temperature. Alarm or control levels can also be set for dosing oxygen or triggering a notification when levels are too low.At larger facilities, managing these operations at the tank level is inefficient; that is where the Point Four LC3 comes in. All data and controls at the tank side can be fed upstream to the PT4 LC3 (max 24 RIU3 units). Data flows in a continuous cycle from the RIU3 units, relay devices and PT4 LC3, providing a dynamic real-time monitoring system.

The PT4 LC3 provides the added benefit of sending notifications via text message or email alerting users of issues when not on site. View and change values remotely using tools such as the built in web-server or VNC functionality.

Additional key features:

• Remote access compatible with a wide range of devices [Android™ platform, iOS™ mobile digital device, OS X®, Linux and Windows® Operating Systems]

• Built-in web server allows control system access via the internet via web browser

• Automated data logging for all connected Point Four RIU3 controllers, control devices, and sensors

• Communication options via Web Server

• Auto dialer output

• Digital alarm output

• Send email and email to SMS functions (Short Message Service)

• FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

• Remote System Access via VNC (Virtual Network Computing)

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