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February/March 2017

Hello! We are Heliae

You probably don’t know us. We understand. We are new to the field of aquaculture. But we are not new at all. 

For nearly a decade Heliae has been a leader in the development of microalgae technology.  We have leveraged that technology to develop products for applications ranging from human health to plant agriculture. Our customers and partners range from startups to some of the world’s largest companies. 

Our research campus and state of the art production facility is located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, but we are globally focused.  In 2016 we celebrated the opening of our first joint venture, Alvita, in Japan, and we regularly collaborate with individuals and companies from around the world. 

Quality is a critical component of what we do.  Over 10 % of our workforce is primarily focused on quality control and quality affairs. All of our products are subjected to rigorous quality controls in our FDA FSMA/GMP-compliant facilities.  

Our aim is to unlock the full potential of microalgae, bringing sustainable, natural products to market that improve peoples’ lives.  To do this we have brought together a uniquely qualified team of engineers, biologists and chemists, who are focused on making discoveries and inventing new technologies in this still underdeveloped field. 

So, why are we introducing our company to you?  

We’ve made a breakthrough. A breakthrough that offers the promise of providing feed formulators with countless options for improving feeds using materials obtained from an infinitely-scalable source. We are nearing completion of our development of this remarkable new product and soon will shift to commercial launch.

Through diligent effort, our research and development team has discovered, isolated, and cultured a robust strain of DHA-rich microalgae and our production engineers have developed a companion manufacturing technology that will allow Heliae to offer this innovative new product to the aquaculture market at disruptive prices.  We have proven that we can produce at very large scale within a small manufacturing footprint.

Our microalgae contain a high level of DHA and very little else.  This very simple profile allows feed producers to precisely target DHA content in feed without impacting other formulation parameters.  This permits formulators to make products optimized for the specific needs of various species, life-cycle stages, and desired nutritional content.  Additionally, because it is naturally encapsulated, our DHA-rich microalgae provide a stable vehicle for incorporating into feed products.

Our overall value proposition is simple. Our new DHA-rich microalgae ingredient will provide formulators the ability to produce products having a precise, controlled DHA level, while our unique production technology will allow us to provide this product at a price that will make this powerful new tool broadly accessible.  

With decreasing levels of DHA in salmon and other important fish species, and ever greater pressure on fisheries, we believe the time is right to bring our DHA-rich microalgae product to the aquaculture market.  

What do you think?  

Let us know by visiting us in Booth 322 at Aquaculture America 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. You can also learn more by contacting us at  We look forward to telling you more about our company and our new DHA-rich microalgae, and we look forward to learning how our company and technology can help you reach your goals.

We are Heliae. We hope to see you soon.

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