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February/March 2015

XperCount2 Optimize your operations by eliminating hand counts and improving production traceability

The concept is simple: each measurement taken with the XperCount2™ is instantaneously attributed to a tank or population before being stored in a custom

A Unique Monitoring Tool

The XperCount2™ is a device used to count, size, and image all types of small aquatic organisms. Using its unique optical technology, the XperCount2™ can accurately count large numbers of specimens in a few seconds only.  The measurements taken with the XperCount2™ are automatically organized and available to the user on an online software platform called DataXpert™.


A Proven Technology Concept

Currently, the first version of the XperCount™ is being used in over 20 countries by private and public organizations to count all stages of shrimp, fish, and shellfish as well as zooplankton and microalgae cultures.

Several testimonials about the XperCount™ confirm its effectiveness at better managing inventories of small aquatic organisms in a wide variety of contexts.

Despite the early achievements of the first version of the XperCount™, in many cases, using the product still required the user to hand count a small number of organisms to calibrate the device prior to operation.  In order to better meet the needs of the users, XpertSea overcame this limitation by developing the XperCount2™.


Key features of the XperCount2TM

The XperCount2™ includes many new and improved features from the first version of the product such as: 

1.No more manual counts. The addition of a vision system removes the need for manual counting and automates the calibration process. 

2.Detailed pictures. Users can access high definition pictures of the organisms that were counted. The pictures have enough resolution to see organisms that are only a few microns in size.

3.Size information. The XperCount2™ provides accurate information about the average size and the size distribution of the organisms being counted.

4.Improved hardware functionalities.  The XperCount2™ operates on a battery and includes a 7 inch touch screen. The XperCount2™ has an improved ergonomic design to facilitate transport and handling.


Data management

Another feature available on the XperCount2™ is the DataXpert™ software platform that allows users to easily organize, view, and analyse data collected with the device. The concept is simple: each measurement taken with the XperCount2™ is instantaneously attributed to a tank or population before being stored in a custom database. Time series analysis such as population growth, survival, and feed consumption are now accessible in just a few clicks with the DataXpert™ platform. Improve the traceability of your production with our new, user friendly inventory management tool.


Pre-Launch Special Offer

The first XperCount2™ devices are expected to be delivered in April 2015.  For a limited time, XpertSea is offering a pre-launch discount. Please contact us for a customized quote and for more information on the terms and conditions of this offer.



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