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February / March 2014

DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ The best choice for your aqua feed

DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ has been developed to provide the most effective methionine source to the aquaculture feed industry combined with a particle size distribution optimized for aqua feeds.

It allows for reducing aqua feed costs by providing better options to balance the amino acid composition of pure vegetable and low fishmeal diets. While reduced nitrogen excretion is a considerable contribution to environmental protection, an optimized dietwill reveal better growth and feed efficiency.

DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is manufactured at a purity level of minimum 99 % in Germany. It is hydrothermally stable during aqua feed processing like extrusion or pelleting. Due to its low water solubility, risk of leaching is minimized. The particle size distribution is adapted to the needs of the global aqua feed industryresulting in distinctly finer particle sizes than other methionine products in the market.

DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is biologically highly effective and superior compared to methionine hydroxy analogues (MHAFA( HMB), MHA-Ca) confirmed in many feeding trials by higher growth responses in various aquatic species like rainbow trout, hybrid tilapia and common carp.

Optimized particle size distribution of DL-Methionine for Aquaculture

The newly developed DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ is fully optimized for aqua feed. The particle sized distribution was optimized resulting in markedly finer particle sizes than standard DL-Methionine or MHA-Ca

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