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December /January 2015

FLO-VEX, a new approach for dissolved oxygen technology

This innovative system constitutes a technology shift in aeration methods for aquaculture.

Current technologies available for aeration in aquaculture move the air, thus making air bubbles. Flo-Vex is a new, patented technology for dissolving oxygen into water.

The company founder, Prof. Thomas Kakovitch, PhD, created Flo-Vex based on new hydro-aerodynamic flow equations for generating vacuum using the vorticity and angular momentum of a working fluid to create acceleration. The result?  Flo-Vex is 5 times stronger than a Venturi for air suction and vacuum, resulting in a 99% dissolved oxygen-saturated water flow with a continuous water discharge.


Key Features

The water coming out of the Flo-Vex is 99% saturated with dissolved oxygen; the equipment uses the open air of the atmosphere, not liquid oxygen.

The equipment runs off of flow from the existing recirculation pump. There are no screens or diffusers, the air is emulsified into the water. As a result, producers won’t have to pay to have a separate system for recirculation and aeration.

Flo-Vex is manufactured in PVC, so it’s 100% suitable for aquaculture. It also has no internal parts, and no need for compressed air. Additionally, Flo-Vex can dissolve pure oxygen and can be scaled for systems of any size. It has been tested for six months in 3 different recirculating systems, serving as the only source of oxygen for fish at a density of one pound / gallon (120 kg/m3). 

How it works

The Flo-Vex chamber causes the water to spin and accelerate; this accelerated flow creates a vacuum force 5 times stronger than a Venturi. The air is emulsified into the water, where the oxygen dissolves to 99% of saturation.

The main difference between these systems is that a Venturi only makes bubbles, while Flo-Vex technology Dissolves Oxygen in the water.


Great offer!

There are two main reasons to buy Flo-Vex. First, this innovative product reduces operating costs, energy costs (as it needs 3/4 hp, instead of the usual 1.5 hp of a compressor, diffusers and pump system), and increases stocking density for fish farmers. It also has no moving parts to maintain or replace.

Flo-Vex is looking for a commercialization partner or distributor in the aquaculture or water aeration industry. We’re also looking for fish farmers who would like to test the technology for themselves. A commercial partnership could expand their market presence in aquaculture and water treatment by acquiring the license to sell Flo-Vex in these markets.



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