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April / May 2016

Seafood Processing Report Palinox

Engineering & Projects M-PS-15 automatic weighing for shrimp graders for boxes and baskets from 0.8 to 12 kg

The team of PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS S.L., has moved a step closer to the shrimp sector, developing an innovative automatic weighing and filling system that is easy to manage.

This system consists of one or several weighing modules for each of the sizes that can be produced by the different grading and sorting machines currently in the market. This equipment can be easily adapted to any sort of grader, thus replacing current manual conveyor belts.

Unit Components:

Weighing module: This component incorporates two weighing boxes that can be pneumatically driven with the corresponding weight cells. This is a double system, capable of managing 15 weights per minute per weighing unit. It is completely made of stainless steel and independent of the other components for easy preventive maintenance. Each set has a touch display for programming and weight management, allowing it to record the most essential data.

Loading conveyor belts for boxes: Depending on the format, a single operator is sufficient, with the main purpose of depositing boxes on the loading conveyor belts, the rest of the process would be automatically managed by the weighing system.

Collecting conveyor belts for shrimp: located and adapted on the lower part of the sorting rollers. There are several conveyor belts that are part of this unit, including filling and clearing ones, which perform automatically according to the programmed format.

Collecting and emptying conveyor belt for boxes and baskets: Properly synchronized to the system, this equipment handles transporting and collecting the heavy loads for freezing them afterwards.

The M-PS-15 (weighing module, 15 weights/min) is a technological breakthrough for packing, saving manpower, thus improving the production and the product.

PALINOX INGENIERIA Y PROYECTOS S.L. engineers have taken the most suitable materials into account during the design process, in order to satisfy the needs of a packaging machine with high moisture resistance protection and easy maintenance.

Model M-PS-15 Technical 


• AISI 304 robust stainless steel construction

• Hard plastic modular belt, blue color

•  Touch screen for programming, 10 inches

• Weighing boxes (2 per module)

• Weighing cells by module (4, in stainless steel)

• Thermal protection for cells IP-67

• Automatic belt drive

• Automatic box positioning drive

• Weighing for boxes from 0.8 to 12 kg

• Weight tolerance +/- shrimp

• Module production up to 15 weights per minute

• Air pressure of 6 Bar

• Total power of 4kw

• Removable weighing module for maintenance

• Easy access for cleaning


• 10 inch touch screen color

• Screen with gross, net, total and total number of boxes

• Internet connection for data dump

• Format récipes

• Weighing software with historical data.

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