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Taiwan Foreign Minister At Fish Farm

The Centre is now operated by the Aquaculture Unit of the Agriculture Department.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Dr. David Lee's Magical Mystery Tour of Belize continued today. We say mystery because we still know very little about the itinerary of his trip. But, the government press office has sent a release and video of his visit to the Taiwanese-funded Tilapia Hatchery Centre in Central Farm, Cayo District.

The Centre was created through the work of Taiwanese professionals and volunteers in the field of aquaculture, plus $2.5 million US dollars to fund it for the first five-years. The Centre is now operated by the Aquaculture Unit of the Agriculture Department.

The Foreign Minister also got to see another Taiwanese funded project called "The Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project". This project has a total budget of $1.67 million US dollars - most of it from the Taiwanese. The Belize media was not invited to this event - and we got footage from the government press office. Minister Lee said he was impressed:

Hon. Dr. David Tawei Lee, Foreign Minister - Taiwan

"It has been a wonderful tour of your country and today we are very impressed with the agriculture projects we have work together and we have seen the physical evidence of our collaborations and we hope the final products will spin off and really benefit the people of Belize."

We get our first chance to see Foreign Minister Lee tomorrow morning when he has a press briefing at the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence in Belize City.

Lee is on a three day visit to Belize which ends tomorrow. The centerpiece of his visit was yesterday's signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation, through which Taiwan will provide $60m to Belize, one third in grants and the remainder in loans which will be disbursed over the next four years. Today he also visited the Belikin Beer factory.


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