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Aquaculture training underway in Dimapur

A three-day skill development training on the prospects of aquaculture and fisheries for grass root level got underway on July 18 at the laboratory cum awareness centre, Brooder Fish Farm, Dimapur.

Assistant Director, Yhunsenlo Kent; CEO, FFDA Dr. Vimezo Kire; Fishery Inspectors Khriezhato Nakhro; and Shamyung Ongh will be the resource persons of the three-day training. They will highlight on various topics including composite fish farming, pond construction, pond management, water quality parameters, species combination and stocking ratio, fish nutrition, control and treatment of fish diseases, economics of fish culture in 1 ha pond, integrated fish farming system.

The trainees will also be taught on NFDB assistance, subsidies for fishers/ farmers/ entrepreneurs and conduct exercise on preparation of NFDB project proposals and bankable projects.


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