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Evonik launches software to help tilapia farmers optimize feed formulation

German chemical giant Evonik Industries is launching a new software tool aimed at allowing tilapia farmers to optimize feed formulation.

The tool, named “AMINOTilapia”, calculates the ideal amino acid recommendations for different growth stages of tilapia considering various production features, according to a press release from Evonik.

“The software helps nutritionists to formulate diets that optimally meet the animals’ needs and improve feed conversion rate, that is the efficiency with which animals utilize nutrients,” the company said.

Through its Evonik Nutrition & Care unit, the German company is getting more involved in aquaculture.

Evonik, which has turnover of around €12.7 billion, is partnering with Dutch nutrition conglomerate Royal DSM on a commercial-scale US production facility for their omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae for animal nutrition in Blair, Nebraska.

The companies' plan to invest around $200 million in the facility -- $100m by each party -- over the next two years. The companies announced the plans for a facility in the US in March.


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